Application Guide

Step 1: Remove the old label

Start by trying to manually remove the old label from your cartridge. After removing most of the top, printed and gloss layer of the paper, you should be left with a ripped lower and white layer. 

Apply a few drops of alcohol and soak the whole label. Leave it for a minute or two, applying a few more drops of alcohol if the one on the label dries. You should be able to completely peel and remove it manually now. If not, you can resort to WD-40 or silicon lubricant. It will surely come off.

After removing everything, clean the cartridge thoroughly with alcohol and a paper or napkin, leaving no traces of the old label, dirt, dust, or WD-40/lubricant (if you applied it). The label space on the cartridge should be completely clean.

Step 2: Applying the new label

Make sure the label zone on the cartridge is completely clean and free of dust and little particles. This is really important to prevent tiny bubbles on the label.
Make sure to wash your hands before applying too, and thoroughly dry them. This will reduce the risk of leaving fingerprints on your new label.

First, align the lower part of the label with the label zone on the cartridge, evenly aligning with the lower and left/right extremities of the label zone. When you get the sweet spot, stick it just a little to see if you got it right. If so, continue to stick the rest of the label upwards. 

For Mega Drive/Genesis, American SNES, and NES labels: On the upper zone, bend the label firmly (but not too much force!) on the curve, and then stick the top title part evenly. 


Step 3: Finishing tips

After the label is in place, grab a microfiber cloth (one that does not shed or leave small hairs) and rub the label with it to ensure optimal application and remove any air bubbles.

This procedure will also leave a fine texture on the label that will feel ‘just right’ and visually nice.

After applying the label, avoid touching it to prevent fingerprints.

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